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Professional Home Security Gate & Access Control Systems Installation For Properties In Ohio

Residential Driveway/Gate Access Installer In Ohio

Smart Digital is an expert at installing electric gates, driveway gates, & multi-family/residential gate security solutions in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Toledo, Columbus, Kent, Wooster, Mansfield, Ashland, and communities in Northern Ohio. We're growing in popularity as an automatic gate installer across Northern Ohio.


The average cost of a driveway gate is between $6,700 and $8,000.
Prevent Unauthorized access • Protect your Home & Family

Protecting Your Home's Perimeter Is The First Layer Of A Multi-Layer Home Security Plan. Get A Free Estimate For Your Driveway Gate Installation In Ohio Today.

When securing your home, your first layer of defense is your home’s fence. Making your perimeter look physically and psychologically difficult to penetrate is one long-lasting way to make criminals think twice about looking for ways to get into your home. A secure perimeter is just one part of a multi-layered security plan, but one that you should not overlook — potential vandals notice them.

Why Get A Home Security Gate System Installed by our gate installation company serving all of northern ohio?

Protect What Matters With A Driveway Gate Installation While Increasing Your Home's Value

Your house is more than just a shelter, it’s a place to relax, enjoy the company of your family, and feel safe. That’s why it’s important that you have top-of-the-line gate access and control in place. That’s where we come in.

From automatic gates fitted with card readers and remote controls to vehicle recognition, our expertise matched with our inventory ensures that you’re getting the highest-quality protection possible so you can feel safe and secure. We provide state-of-the-art access control plans using information such as your property size and your family’s routine to ensure that your system works best for you.

FACT: Most Crimes Are Crimes Of Opportunity, Which You Can Control

One of the most common reasons people choose to install gate access control systems in their homes is to prevent or deter criminal activity. Most criminals will not go to the trouble of overcoming a large obstacle; like a driveway security gate, because they know that you have put thought into protecting your home. To them, they’d rather take the chance on a home without any sign of a security system. 

With a professional gate access system in place, criminals will not be able to simply walk right up to your home and find vulnerable access points. Showing off your security features “right out of the gate” is a great way to stop potential criminals from peeking onto other areas of your property. Contact Us With Your Questions >

With a professionally installed gated driveway system, you rob potential criminals of their ability to harm your family or your property. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation about your home security gate installation.

Why You Shouldn't Choose The Cheapest Driveway Gate Option

Previously, only the wealthy elite could afford a driveway gate, but with the cost of driveway gates declining there are many middle-class homeowners looking to improve the security of their home’s perimeter. But even though there are cheaper options, that doesn’t mean the least expensive option is the best choice for protecting your home and family.

If you are looking for a driveway security gate that will protect your residence from intrusion, then cost is something you should consider. You may see online options that are under two thousand dollars, but a professionally installed driveway gate should be sturdy and capable of protecting your property. The average cost of a driveway gate is between $6,700 and $8,000.  

Protect your home's outermost layer of security with an access gate

Why Choose SmartDigital For Your Access Gate installation In Ohio?

We offer state-of-the-art access control plans for any type of residence and guarantee you will receive the individual attention required to devise the best security solution for your property. Each installation is customized and installed in the safest way possible — ensuring that children, pets, and inexperienced users are not harmed by the motion of the automated gate controls.

We Are Experienced Automatic Gated Installers Serving Northern Ohio

We have significant experience installing slide gates, barrier arm operators, swing gates, driveway gates, and bi-fold gates. In Cleveland and other communities in Northern Ohio, there are environmental and seasonal considerations when installing a residential security gate. If you have any questions about installing an access control gate on your residential property, then contact us today.

Driveway/Gate Access Solutions For Your Home:

  • Gated access/operators
  • Access Gate Installation & Repair
  • Phone System Access
  • Keypads & Card Readers
  • Ground Sensors
  • Remote Access & Remote Controlled Access

We Help You Choose The Right Solution For your Automated Gate Control System for your home or multi-family property

Our Ohio-based, trained team will install the top access gate manufacturers including DoorKing, LiftMaster, and many others.

DoorKing Access Control Models we recommend:

  • 6050/6100 Swing Gate Operators
  • 6400 In-Ground Swing Gate Operator

LiftMaster Access Control Models we recommend:

  • HDSW24UL Heavy-Duty Swing Gate Operator
  • RSW12UL Residential/Light Swing Gate Operator

Why Install A Gated Access Control System On Your Property?

Your home is more than just a shelter from the weather. Your home is a place where your family makes memories. By protecting your perimeter with an access gate you are making the most out of your property’s defense capabilities.

Contact our trained security experts to get a free, comprehensive estimate for your home or business security system in Ohio.

Contact SmartDigital With Your Gated Access, Driveway Control, and Ohio Home Security System Questions

As an authorized DoorKing Installer, we are here to answer your questions about which gate to choose and to help you understand why that would be the right gate system to install at your home’s entry. Give us a call and we will answer all of your questions and provide guidance to ensure your system meets your safety requirements.

We are committed to the quality you can trust. We’re here when you need us! Call today for a free estimate on your gate or system inquiry.

About Our Security Company

Smart Digital is an Ohio based company that specializes in many facets of security-focused technologies. Smart Digital provides integrated security solutions, tailored to meet the safety needs of your home. For optimal security, we start with the outer most layer — the perimeter of your home. From there we assess the vulnerabilities of entryways, doors, and windows. Finally, at the center, we ensure your family is protected by installing top of the line security systems that alert the authorities when necessary and may also send you notifications while you are away.

Professional Residential Security Installation Company In Ohio

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How Much Does A Home Security Gate Access Cost?


Additional protection for your home and family will always be worth the expense. But how much do you need to spend for a security system to provide a good value? The cost of having a home security gate access control system will vary depending on many aspects. You’ll have to consider the cost of the product, installation, maintenance, and other security requirements of your home. Consultation with a professional will help you understand and choose the best option for your home, family, and budget.

We install Driveway Gates & Other Gate Access Solutions across northern Ohio

Smart Digital is not a new name in the security space. Led by marine veteran, Brent Canfield, our security solutions are promises which are backed by an innate sense of duty to protect. If you need help deciding which type of gate access is right for your home, then contact us and we will guide you to a decision you will be comfotable with. With experience in the residential, commercial, industrial, and public arenas; we have no doubts we can find the right security option for you.

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